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A faulty motherboard on an iPhone 5s is not a reason to throw away a good gadget

IPhone 5s, works properly in 2021, but the battery on it was changed once IPhone 5s, works properly in 2021, but the battery on it was changed once

Hi all! The iPhone 5s is still a relevant phone, a large number of users of this gadget will confirm this. There is no longer any official support from Apple. Many people simply “fell in love” with this gadget; it truly was one of the best of its time.

The iPhone 5s can still be used as a full-fledged smartphone. Various applications are successfully downloaded and installed. It’s too early to write off this gadget.

The population has a large number of iPhone 5s; at my retail outlets, they very often buy components: display modules, batteries, charging cable and others. They often call for repairs. The design of the phone is simple; it is enough to have a minimum set of skills and carry out independent repairs. This applies to simple replacement of any components.

On the one hand, this is a good moment, and on the other, a bad moment. When people replace them themselves, they damage other parts, which leads to dire consequences. Sometimes it is not even reversible, for example leading to failure of the motherboard.

Even such a breakdown does not mean that you need to say goodbye to your beloved iPhone 5S. There are three solutions.

  • The first one is not very convenient for me. Find a “donor” at flea markets on social networks, Avito, Yula or Yandex advertisements. Buy a broken iPhone, but with a working motherboard. The main point is the mandatory decoupling from Apple ID. If you purchase such a phone, be sure to ask the seller about decoupling. You need to see this for yourself. Otherwise, you will encounter the problem of a locked iPhone, which may require another injection of money. Unbinding manipulations can be done through a computer or the phone itself, the main thing is that the screen responds to commands. You can throw in another module and perform all the manipulations.
  • Second. Contact a specialized workshop where they will repair it for you. But I think the repair cost will be high, equal to the price of purchasing a fully functional iPhone 5s on the secondary market.
  • Third. Order a motherboard for iPhone 5s from AliExpress. This is an inexpensive and reliable option. Motherboards have been verified and unlinked from all accounts. We have used this option several times in the workshop and have always been successful. Such an order will cost around 1,500 rubles.

Screen from the AliExpress website Screen from the AliExpress website

You can install the motherboard yourself. The Internet is full of detailed videos and articles with step-by-step procedures. You will need a couple of screwdrivers to carry out the repair yourself. Such screwdrivers can be purchased at any store that sells spare parts for phones or ordered from Aliexpress, along with the motherboard. The price will be about 100 rubles, for the simplest one. In stores the price will be much higher, but the screwdrivers are of better quality. I am attaching information from Yandex Market.

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