Mobile Internet was lost due to “protest jammers” and the store had to be closed

“Edge”, with such mobile Internet, you can’t even open a page on social networks “Edge”, with such mobile Internet, you can’t even open a page on social networks

Hi all! I am not a supporter of participating in various mass actions or public rallies; I always try to stay away and not delve into them, for my own reasons. Today I was still touched by these events. In the article I will tell you how this happened.

Half a year ago I moved to Krasnodar, got used to it a little and opened a new retail outlet. Now I have a problem connecting the Internet to the store. I will tell you in more detail in another article on the channel. And now I use my Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone as a Wi-Fi access point. The speed is low, but everything works stably. Unlimited Internet from Rostelecom, and the work process itself is very dependent on Internet access.

On January 31, 2021, rallies and protests were held throughout Russia, including in Krasnodar; I remembered about them while driving to work. The day before, I read in the news about the possible holding of unauthorized actions and protests. The streets of the city were full of police officers and other special services. Apparently almost the entire cast was involved. My retail outlet is located in the central part of the city, near Krasnaya Street, where the rally was held. I drove through all the barriers, got to work and opened a store.

I began to work quietly, connected my laptop to my smartphone’s access point and began to work slowly. At exactly 12 o’clock in the afternoon the Internet began to slow down and disappeared completely. I have several telecom operators: TELE2, Beeline and Rostelecom. All operators on my phones instantly lost Internet access services, an “E” icon appeared, or one bar of the signal level scale with 4G. It has become impossible to work on the Internet at work. I thought maybe some technical work was being carried out near the store. I walked a short distance away from the store, but the picture did not change. I called my wife, who was in one of the shopping centers in the central part of the city. She had the same problem with Internet access. There is a connection, but there is no Internet.

This was the signal level, two SIM cards were connected. This was the signal level, two SIM cards were connected.

Then I realized that the “jammers” were working properly at the location of the rally and at a certain distance away from it. About 1.5-2 kilometers, and my store is located very close. I stayed in the store until 3 p.m., but there was no work without the Internet, so I decided to close the store and go home. I didn’t see the point in sitting around on Sunday. On the way home, I looked to see if mobile Internet would appear. And he only appeared near my house, which is located about 2.5 or 3 kilometers from the intended location of the rally.

This information had to be hung on the store door. This information had to be hung on the store door.

This is how these events affected me. I think the special services used their technical capabilities and equipment. I doubt that telecom operators were involved, since this procedure would require a long approval procedure. And the use of their capabilities by special services is more accessible to “suppress” the transmission of video content and online broadcasts from rallies. Moreover, all such procedures for obtaining permits for use are strictly classified. There are many military equipment or mobile “jammers” of different capacities that can perform the necessary tasks.

Write in the comments who noticed the lack of mobile Internet associated with holding rallies in your city, if there were any. Thank you all for your attention, I will be grateful if you “like” the article. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so as not to miss new publications.

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