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Two antiviruses that are worth installing on your computer

Hi all! Continuing the topic about programs that I install after reinstalling Windows, I would like to talk about anti-virus products. Windows 10 has a built-in defender, and in general it may be enough. Personally, I don’t really trust it; I always install a third-party antivirus. I’ll tell you about the anti-virus programs that I use myself, and which one to install is up to you to choose.

Screenshot from the site Screenshot from the site

Avast Premium Security. Probably the most popular antivirus, advertisements for it can very often be seen on the Internet, for example, when installing some other program, for example. And in fact, one of the worthy ones. I had it on my work laptop for a good six years and it never failed me, not a single malicious file was picked up. The version was paid, the subscription was renewed every year. There were profitable promotions as a regular customer. I transferred the subscription to my home desktop computer and continue to use it. By the way, there were problems about a year ago due to incompatibility with Windows 10; for some reason, when Avast antivirus protection was turned on, pages in browsers would not load. You disable the antivirus, everything started working stably. Now I don’t see this problem anymore, but what happened was what happened. For those who don’t want to pay, there is a good free version. Basic protection is enough for the average average user. Plus, now it is not only one antivirus, but also a whole bunch of additional software to ensure the protection of your data and software maintenance of the operating system.

Screenshot of antivirus installed on my home computer Screenshot of antivirus installed on my home computer

Kaspersky Antivirus. The well-known, proven anti-virus solution continues to develop and provide adequate protection for your data. I remember how this antivirus “slowed down” the system after turning on the computer, then I had Windows XP installed, I don’t remember what kind of hardware, but the sinker was really heavy. Now those days are over; almost any computer will boot and work stably. Everyone probably remembers the squeal of a pig when a malicious file is detected. Nowadays, I very often provide clients with a free version; they can install it themselves from the official website and test it. There were no negative reviews, everyone was happy.

Screenshot from the official website Screenshot from the official website

Certainly. There are a lot of other good antivirus programs, write in the comments what you use. I would be grateful for “like” the article and subscribe to the channel so as not to miss new publications.

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