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How to clean your computer motherboard from dust in a simple and safe way

Hi all! You need to service your computer often, no matter how clean your home is, dust will still accumulate after some time. I’ll tell you and show you a safe way to clean your motherboard from dust.

What you shouldn’t do is take a vacuum cleaner and try to clean up the system unit. There is a high probability that you will break something there, tear it off or break it. There are actually many cleaning methods; I will tell you about a simple mechanical method.

We will need a paint brush, which can be bought at any hardware store. An important point is that the bristles themselves should be as soft as possible. These brushes are a little more expensive than the simplest ones. Coarse bristles are not needed, and there is also no need to use some old brushes that have already been used for some painting work. The brush we need should be used exclusively for cleaning the surfaces of computer components.

Cleaning must be carried out in a utility room, garage, balcony or similar room, since with this method of cleaning, dust will fly in all corners. It is advisable to wear a disposable mask to avoid breathing dust again.

Cleaning can be carried out in the system unit case. It is advisable to disconnect the motherboard from all wires and pull it out for complete cleaning. But this can only be done if you understand computers and can easily disassemble and assemble everything into components. If you don’t understand, it’s better not to disconnect anything. Clean as carefully as possible.

If a lot of dust has accumulated in your computer system unit, then the cooler will be just as heavily clogged. It is advisable to remove it, clean it separately and renew the thermal paste.

I have prepared a video for you of cleaning dust on the motherboard using a paint brush, enjoy watching.