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There is nothing surprising in the fact that I returned a video card with a defect to the store under warranty, and the money was returned within an hour

Hi all! It’s 2021, and the world is faced with a shortage of video cards. These circumstances were facilitated by miners and surges in the cryptocurrency rate. Nowadays, in order to assemble a top-end computer, you not only need to have a large amount of money, but also find a place where you can buy a modern gaming video card.

Image from free stock photo (no attribution required) Image from free stock photo (no attribution required)

An interesting story was told by one of the clients of one of my outlets. Anyone who has been subscribed to the channel for a long time knows that I buy and sell used cars. computer equipment, I carry out my activities through retail outlets. I don’t know how true this story is, but it makes you think. I won’t say which store it was, so as not to provoke anyone.

A visitor to my store (who told me this story) has an acquaintance who, at the beginning of 2020, purchased a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 video card (I did not specify which version), at a price of 13,000 rubles. After a year of operation, one of the system cooling fans stopped functioning. The warranty on the video card was three years and the person decided to take the card to the store and return it for repairs under warranty.

Image from free stock photo (no attribution required) Image from free stock photo (no attribution required)

But literally within an hour he received a call from the store’s service center and was informed that the store was ready to fulfill its warranty obligations to him. The person came and was informed that the defect in the video card could not be repaired, and a decision was made to refund the full amount of the purchase. The man received his 13,000 rubles and decided to walk around the store and buy something else. He was very surprised at the prices he saw. They jumped a lot. Now you can’t even buy a GTX 1050 ti for this money (at the time of writing, the price starts from 17,000 rubles). And the GTX 1650 can be purchased from 21,000 rubles and even the simplest one.

This story gives rise to some thoughts, maybe his video card was still subject to repair. Maybe the service center quickly patched it up and wrote it off, followed by a scheme to sell it on the secondary market for a higher price. Either sold as new, or sold with a defect at a small discount. There are a lot of options, or maybe everything was fair and the video card really could not be repaired, its fate was disposal.

Image from free stock photo (no attribution required) Image from free stock photo (no attribution required)

Be that as it may, before carrying a video card under warranty with a minor defect (if this suddenly happens), you should think several times. Until the pricing policy for video cards stabilizes and goes down, you can expect anything. I doubt that a non-working video card cooling fan cannot be repaired or replaced.

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