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How to take good photos of small objects without lighting problems

Hi all! If you often photograph small objects, then problems often arise with lighting and the quality of the resulting photographs. For example, you run some blogs, groups with product reviews on social networks, you display something on online store sites, or you are a nail technician (you take photographs of your work) and the like. My article will be very useful for those who are just planning to engage in similar activities. Lots of photos and prepared an additional video.

Trying to take the first pictures in the box Trying to take the first pictures in the box

Today I’ll tell you about the existence of photo boxes for those who don’t know about them yet. And who knows, but have not used it, I prepared a review because I purchased a similar accessory for myself. Photobox is a useful accessory for taking good photos. The design helps to adjust the lighting without extraneous external influences.

Trying to take the first pictures in the photo box Trying to take the first pictures in the photo box

I ordered it on AliExpress, delivery was very fast, it was delivered to Krasnodar in three days, delivered to my home for free. Arrived unassembled and did not take up much space. After unpacking, I began the assembly process. I assembled it myself without instructions, but in the end I found the same instructions in English in the box with the backlight power supply. In fact, it is not particularly needed, there are no difficulties in assembly.

Such a package has arrived Unpacking the box Power supply for the backlight This package has arrived Photobox assembled Connected the backlight Connected the backlight Photobox assembled

With this accessory you can take good photos regardless of the time of day. The backlight is adjustable, the photos come out rich. Pictures can be taken from several angles. I ordered myself a box measuring 40 by 40 cm, there was an option 60 by 60 cm, but I think it will be very bulky. Even the one I ordered takes up a lot of space. Of course, you can order a smaller size, but it is better to have a spare. Today you have nothing to photograph in volume, but tomorrow you may need it. Plus, the box is easy to assemble, it can be put on a shelf, it will take up little space. Or it is very convenient for transportation.

Here’s a compact box disassembled Here’s a compact box disassembled

I have prepared a video in which I talk in detail about the photobox and show the functionality, enjoy watching: