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My wife lost her bank card, and in the morning she discovered it was missing and the money had been written off.

Hi all! This incident happened to my wife, who by some chance dropped her bank card in a store and didn’t notice. I think it would be unlikely that this card would be stolen. She discovered the loss only in the morning, when she saw an SMS about the money being written off on her smartphone. Looking ahead, I’ll say that she got her money back, I’ll tell you how it happened.

I was lucky that there wasn’t a lot of money on the card, a little more than 2,000 rubles. And the whole story would have a sad ending, the card was lost and the money was written off. But the situation was saved by several interesting moments.

As it turned out, the card was lost in the evening. That evening, a previously unknown girl wrote to my wife on social networks (Vkontakte) and asked if she had lost her bank card. My wife thought that again some scammers were spreading spam and replied that she had not lost anything. She calmly went about her business and went to bed.

At night, money began to be debited from the card in small amounts. The person who found the card decided to place orders from AliExpress for various amounts. The very first test was for 50 rubles 80 kopecks. After a positive operation, the person continued to place orders until the balance was equal to 37 rubles 24 kopecks.

The smartphone was on silent mode, and my wife saw these charges only in the morning. I immediately blocked the card through the bank app. I advised my wife to write to this girl who had previously tried to contact her on social networks. Apparently the girl by the name of the owner indicated on the card was trying to find the owner. The search was carried out on a territorial basis, I entered the first and last name and the city where I found the map on social networks.

When my wife asked where the map was now, the girl replied that she left it on a bench in the city center. We didn’t believe this story and I advised my wife to write a message warning her so that the girl would cancel the orders placed on the AliExpress site and return the money. Otherwise, a statement will be filed with the police, since the amount of damage caused is more than 1000 rubles, is significant and falls under an article of the criminal code. And for orders it will be possible to track the name and address of the recipient. The girl replied that she had not made any orders and should not return anything.

But as it turned out, we hit the mark and most likely it was this girl, since after some time the money was returned to the account. The orders were cancelled, although not quite the full amount was returned; several hundred rubles were still stuck somewhere. We did not contact the police; the bank reissued the card. This is how we managed to return the money that was on the lost card.

Thank you all for your attention, do not lose your bank cards or give them to others. I would be grateful if you “like” the article, subscribe to the channel so as not to miss new publications.

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