I had to dissuade the guy who bought the netbook second-hand from spending more money

Hi all! Today I’ll tell you a story that happened the other day at my outlet, where I sell used ones. computer equipment. The situation is banally simple, but for certain reasons, a certain number of people fall into it.

The guy wanted to make a purchase, without hesitation, he went to the Avito site, where he found what he thought was a profitable offer for the sale of an old netbook. The price was 3000 rubles. I agreed with the seller, took the money and arrived at the agreed upon location. I checked that the netbook turns on and works. Everything worked out and I went home happy.

He had to spend this amount of money He had to spend this amount of money

The netbook was installed with the Windows 7 operating system and 2 GB of RAM. DDR3 and Atom N455 processor with 1 core. I decided to install applications and several modern toys. Everything downloaded and installed without any problems. But when launching the games, an error appeared: “d3d11 create device”. I tried to read on the Internet and found a couple of options to correct the situation. I updated the drivers, downloaded the latest version of DirectX, but the problem was not solved. I tried to call the seller, asking to return the netbook, but was refused. The guy decided to come to the service to have his operating system set up.

We couldn’t take a picture of the guy’s netbook, it looked something like this We couldn’t take a picture of the guy’s netbook, it looked something like this

When he came to our service, the guy told his story. He asked to configure or reinstall the system, he was ready to pay money if only his games would start running. After looking at him and his netbook, I dissuaded him from this idea. Nothing would come of these manipulations, he explained that installing fresh drivers or the Windows 10 operating system would not solve the problem. The hardware of this netbook, in particular the 256 MB video adapter. does not support DirectX 11 or 12, and the rest of the components are completely weak. Although it was easy to take up this matter and get your money for the work, regardless of the final result. But this operating principle is not for me.

Screen from the site mirinfo.ru Screen from the site mirinfo.ru

I advised him to keep this netbook for office work, surfing the Internet or other simple tasks. Or put it up on Avito and sell it. Add money and buy yourself a full-fledged laptop or system unit.

Don’t buy old netbooks for toys, don’t waste your money. No matter how attractively cheap they are. This technique was not created for such purposes. Taking into account the development of computer technology and increasing system requirements, even watching videos on YouTube can become a problem for them. What modern games can we talk about? The most interesting thing is that many people find themselves in this situation and simply throw money away.

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