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“Space” prices for computer components, teach you to understand computers

Hi all! The world of computer technology is constantly evolving, it is difficult to keep up with new products, or rather, their prices. The price tags are growing before our eyes, it seems that you want to buy a more powerful computer, play a new toy, but the “cosmic” prices are stopping you. Not everyone can easily afford to shell out a tidy sum to buy a modern computer.

in the photo there is an old system unit of a personal computer in the photo there is an old system unit of a personal computer

What can ordinary ordinary users who have never delved into this whole topic do? To save money you have to learn to understand computers. There are many alternative assemblies to suit every taste and budget. Of course, these will be used. computer components, but in terms of performance such an assembly may not be inferior to those lying on store shelves.

You need to understand that not only stores and their “greed” are to blame for setting such price tags on computers. They also buy all this from manufacturers or suppliers, everyone’s goal is to make money. There is a possibility of lowering prices; stores are lowering prices. The current economic situation in the country is to blame; our economy is frankly going through hard times. And no one knows when all this will end.

There are several options for purchasing a good computer assembly. First you need to decide for what purpose you need a computer. For example, if you need it for working with documents, surfing the Internet and other simple tasks, then look towards old and inexpensive assemblies on the 775 socket . Although this is a fairly old socket, it allows you to install a 4-core processor that will handle your needs. Of course, there are many subtleties; not every motherboard can support such processors and the like. This is where you will need knowledge about computers. The price tags are small for such assemblies, starting from about 5,000 rubles. On the same “Avito” and “Yula” there are a lot of offers, many guys “earn extra money” on such assemblies. Or you can assemble everything yourself and purchase all the components yourself.

The photo shows a motherboard with 775 socket. The photo shows a motherboard with 775 socket

If you want to play modern toys and not invest much money, you can consider motherboards with socket 1155 or AM3/AM3 Plus. Study the information about these assemblies; there are many decent processors that can deliver good performance when combined with other computer components. Prices are also different, but something more or less worthy can be purchased from 10,000 rubles . The scheme is the same, choose and buy from offers on Avito, Yula, or assemble it yourself.

The photo shows a motherboard with an AM3 Plus socket. The photo shows a motherboard with an AM3 Plus socket

There are options, but you need to learn to figure it out. Previously, this was really difficult to do, but now the Internet can serve as a good tutorial for you. You can learn everything on your own if you have the desire.

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