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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, I’m talking about my impressions after two months of use

Hi all! Two months have passed since I purchased the Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone, I would like to share my impressions of its operation. Perhaps someone is thinking about purchasing it or not, I hope I can help in some way. I’ll tell you in simple words, without indicating its technical characteristics; this information is full on the Internet.

In the photo the appearance In the photo the appearance

I purchased this phone at a price of 18,490 rubles in the DNS store. I have a model with 128 GB of memory, I managed to get it cheaper thanks to a scratch on the refrigerator . I purchased it to replace my old Sony XZ1, which recently began to fail for a number of reasons. The period of use is two months, you can already share some observations and reviews about this device.

What can I tell you about Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro? Let’s start with the good:

  • This is a modern device that pulls everything. Any toys and applications are easy to launch and use. It can rightfully be considered a gaming smartphone, the hardware allows it.
  • A very productive device, you can easily load it with a bunch of open applications, nothing slows you down.
  • It has an excellent battery, it lasts me a couple of days of active use, and if in “flight” mode, I think it will easily last a week.
  • Fast charging, charges really quickly. I charge with the original device included in the kit.
  • Good camera. I take a lot of photographs for work, the photos come out juicy and clear, I personally am 100% happy with it. Autofocus works well and the zoom too, you can easily photograph small objects.

The photo shows the camera’s appearance. The photo shows the camera’s appearance.

  • Lots of memory. For me, 128 GB is really a lot, I don’t like to clutter up my phone with hundreds of photos, although I take a lot of photos, periodically delete something or dump it on other media, so I have a lot of free memory. It was possible to buy one with less memory for my needs, to win a little money, but once I bought it, suddenly something would change.
  • Defines calls from “offices” with ridiculous offers as “spam”. Just a great feature, I didn’t have this on my previous phones, that’s probably why I’m so happy about it. But this is really cool, a call comes in, it says “suspicious spam” on a red background. I checked several times, picked up the phone, and indeed, the girl or guy began to “rub in” some completely unnecessary information or suggestions to me.

Whoever has seen this video will understand, screenshot from the website Who has seen this video will understand, screenshot from the website

  • Good and pleasant performance of the speakers. You can hear your interlocutor perfectly, pleasant music from the phone. I can’t say anything bad here, everything is on the level. The headphones have an excellent equalizer, compared with Sonya on the same headphones, the sound is very different.
  • A high-quality case is included. Very easy to use, high-quality silicone pad. It should last a long time, there is a plug on the charging socket to prevent any debris from getting in.

In the photo there is a plug for the charging socket. In the photo there is a plug for the charging socket

And now about the bad, which I personally don’t like.

  • Too big. It’s really uncomfortable to hold in your hand; I can’t control touches with one hand. You have to take it in both hands. My old Sonya was easier to use. And when talking, it’s a little difficult to keep it level to your ear all the time.

In the photo, how the phone lies in the hand In the photo, how the phone lies in the hand

  • Lots of notifications. You turn them off, but they still come. Just a lot of unnecessary information. If you turn on the sound, the phone may beep every minute. You have to periodically prevent certain notifications from coming. Of course, everything is customizable, but this brings inconvenience.

In the photo there is a menu with a bunch of applications and notifications. In the photo there is a menu with a bunch of applications and notifications.

  • Very heavy. Quite a weighty device, you can put it on a table with a sound as if you were throwing a brick. You have to place it very carefully, it sometimes gets annoying.
  • some conflict between Play Market and GetApps. Each application constantly annoyingly offers to update other phone applications, you begin to doubt who to update through. This is sometimes annoying, but it is also adjustable.

This is the review of impressions after two months of use. It’s up to you to buy or not. My opinion is that this is a decent device for the money. Write your reviews in the comments if you have already purchased and used it. I would also be grateful for “like” the article and subscribe to the channel so as not to miss new publications. I am attaching a widget with Yandex Market offers, look and study.

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