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Users use Windows 7 because they are greedy

We all love Windows 7, which at one time was the ideal OS, for many it continues to be so. We all love Windows 7, which at one time was the ideal OS, for many it continues to be so.

Hi all! You are on the “My Old Computer” channel, I came across interesting information on the Internet, according to which a survey was conducted about the reasons for using Windows 7. The operating system is no longer supported and is outdated.

The survey was conducted by the British independent analytical magazine Which? According to the information received, 13% of computers in the world continue to run Windows 7. I think this percentage is higher, since accurate accounting is not possible. Many people use this system without Internet connections.

The photo shows the start of Windows 7 The photo shows the start of Windows 7

Journalists have identified several reasons why users continue to use 7. I will give three main ones and discuss them. I also want to note that the survey results concern ordinary users. You need to understand that many organizations, enterprises and institutions are forced to work with Windows 7, as well as with the very outdated, but not forgotten Windows XP. Hardware and software will not be able to run under Windows 10.

The main reason for use was the reluctance to pay for the next OS versions and updates, as answered by 30% of respondents. Another reason for use was the ease of working with Windows 7, answered by 22%. The third main reason was obsolete computer hardware that does not support Windows 10, 16% answered.

One of the Windows 7 screensavers, screen from the site One of the Windows 7 screensavers, screen from the site

Overall, the results speak for themselves. Although there was a period of free transition from Windows 7 to more modern versions of Windows. There was no reason to be greedy; the transition was free. You don’t have to pay for Windows 10 updates, at least for now. I think it’s unlikely that anything will change.

But the main reason I would highlight is the habit of using Windows 7. At one time it was an almost ideal operating system. Users are used to it, they know how to use it, how to configure it, and the like. They don’t need anything new. Indeed, the transition to a modern OS is accompanied by certain costs. You need to buy and update computer hardware, and prices are now very high. Not everyone plays modern toys, works with heavy graphics applications, and the like. For simple use, the user only needs Windows 7, but it’s a matter of time; after some time he will have to switch.

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